It's finally April which means.... - Cloverdilly Kids

It's finally April which means....

Spring has sprung of course but did you also know that this month marks the Half-O-Ween! Or as the calendar says Halfway to Halloween!  So tell those tulips and daffodils to just hold their petals and let's start raiding the Pinterest boards and fabric stores.

For this year, our little family is going to repeat last years costume theme, which was Disney's Star Butterfly & her friends. Trick or Treating was out for us last year, but this year we'll be strutting our stuff in our homemade costumes.  What's your super secret costume skill? Are you a thrifty Goodwill piece maker, a make it from scratch all star, or a last minute Target marathon runner?

No matter your methods, Halloween is a fun, family holiday that some of us look forward to all year round.

Comment below to let us know what your best/favorite costume was or tag a friend who has mad costume skills!

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