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Acceptance Guidelines


We take the safety of our customers and staff very serious during this global pandemic.  As things are improving, we have implemented some guidelines that will be permanente and others that will change per the CDC.

1) MASKS ARE OPTIONAL UPON ENTRY - With the mandates currently lifted wearing a mask is optional at our store.  If you prefer to wear one, we do offer free medical ones at the door. Our staff will continue to wear one when out on the floor assisting customers.

2) With the uptick in vaccinations and per the CDC guidelines, we are now able to open up to lift capacity restrictions.  Please be mindful of our tiny space and stick to social distancing while shopping.

3) Contact-less shopping available with ONLINE SHOPPING, Virtual Shopping Appts and Curbside PickUp

4) Cleanliness - We will always be wiping down our countertops after each customer with Lysol, and other high touch areas.  Hand Sanitizer will always be displayed at the door in a touch free dispenser for use.

  • Play Area - yes it's open and ready for your little ones to have some play time with our limited selection of toys.  After each visit everything is wiped down with Lysol.
  • Processing In-Take/Inventory - Staff will continue to always wear gloves when going thru your items that you bring in for consignment or trade.  No exception to this rule and will be a permanent rule for all staff.
  • Clothing - all clothing coming in must be FRESHLY WASHED and will continue to be steamed before going out onto the floor.

 Thank you so much for sticking with us thru all these changes!  We will continue to update via our Facebook & Instagram Page.  You can also contact us thru email, call or text our phone #, or reach out via social media.

Thank you for continuing to support your local business! 

What We Accept & Items To Bring In

                          ** ONLY 1 PAPER GROCERY BAG at a time**

Thank you for choosing to consign with Cloverdilly Kids! We are thrilled that you have decided to join us in finding new life for those outgrown items, and to continue our mission to recycle, reduce and reuse for a better community and environment.

Items are accepted seasonally, meaning we'll take in items that are appropriate for the current season or upcoming.

Spring & Summer: March-July      /  Fall & Winter: Aug-February     

*For our transitional months (April/July/October) we may be more selective on the later season items as they won't sell as well towards the end of the consignment period.*

Bag Limit & Consignment Hours


* Consignments accepted Tues - Saturday from 10-4pm.

*Choose one of these options to bring your items in:

  •  Schedule an appoint online for a Drop & Run or drop off a bag at the door.  You will be notified of what has been accepted and the rest will be donated.

  • Bring your bag in when you shop and items will be processed on site during your visit

*We will not be accepting any items during the month of December, as our little store gets full and we want to have time to prep for holiday vacation and the new year.

Any unclaimed bags of "Passed" items not picked up by next day will be donated out to families in need.

We Accept the following items for ages NB to 16 years and are current with fashion trends & styles.

Books (the more the merrier, we LOVE books)


Dance Leotards & Shoes (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, etc)

Jigsaw Puzzles (100 pcs or less)

Shoes (sizes NB to Adult 6 sneakers)

Doll Houses, furniture, accessories for 12" - 18" dolls 

*All items need to be in excellent condition, free of stains, damage, rips, tears and any smells of smoke, pet or heavy fragrance.

  • Clothing: must be recently washed, free of pet hair & smells
  • Shoes: must be clean of all debris, mud, gum, have laces if needed & wiped down
  • Doll Items: must have all main functioning pieces, fresh batteries if needed, nothing bent or broken, and not be a recalled item and current within the last 5 years
  • Books: no ripped covers/pages, chew marks, artist markings (but inscriptions ok) taped up bindings
  • Puzzles: have all pieces, free of pet hair, no chew marks, not be recalled or vintage

*Due to our space constraints, we do not have any way to clean up any items that come thru, outside of steaming all clothing.  We reserve the right to pass on any items that don't meet our standards. 

Please keep in mind that if it's not something you would buy off the shelf, but would pick up out of a free box on the street, then it may not be the right fit for our store.  We encourage you to donate the item to someone in need or to recycle it if possible.

Starting Jan 1st 2020 we will no longer be accepting any of the following baby gear due to low customer interest and space constraints.  

  • Strollers 
  • Baby Walkers, Exer-saucers, Bouncers
  • Highchairs, Booster Seats
  • Swings, Doorway Swings/Bouncers, Playground Equipment
  • Pack N Plays, Co-Sleepers
  • Nursing Pillows, Boppy's
  • Baby Carrier’s
  • Cloth Diapers (but you can donate these to our donation box)
  • Training Potties
 For safety reasons we CANNOT ACCEPT the following items:
Breast Pumps & Accessories  /  Bike Helmets /
Car Seats & Booster Car Seats  /  Cribs & Bumpers  /  Life Jackets 
/ Pool-Water Floatation Devices / Mattresses
Children's Metal Jewelry  /  Toys with Lead Paint / Vintage Toys
Any Recalled Items - If you are unsure if your item has been recalled you can check it out on the Consumer Product Safety Commission site