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How It Works

Sell or Trade

It's fun to have choices, so we thought we would give you some! Every time you come in you can choose between a TRADE or SELL or do both, it's up to you and what works best for you that day.


  • Receive 40% Store Credit of the assessed value of items
  • Store credit is instant & does not expire
  • Earn 10% off your purchase every time you spend your credit 
  • Store Credit cannot be applied towards the purchase of a Boutique item. 10% discount excludes any $1 items


Book Your Appointment Here

  • Receive 30% of the assessed value of items
  • By appointment only for Friday's and Saturday's
  • Earn $20 or higher and be paid out same day electronically (no cash or checks are given out) 
  • Get paid via PayPal
  • Only available for Clothing & Accessories sizes 3T-12yrs
*We only offer Store Credit for baby clothes & shoes (sz NB-2T), toys, & books
There are certain times of the year that we won't accept any Trade or Selling Appts.
  • Bethany Village Events/Concerts
  • Anniversary Sale (September)
  • Black Friday/Small Business Saturday
  • December (no Selling Appointments are offered)

*Here at Cloverdilly Kids, we know that it can be hard letting go of those outgrown clothes and the memories you hold of your kids with them.  We will take the best care that we possibly can and help them find a new home. Wether it's with 50 foot tall monsters, pirates, fairies, or that family that lives in a mushroom house.