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How It Works

Choices of Consignment

*Note - We will not be accepting any new items for consignment or trade from  Dec 1st- Jan 10th with the exception of Winter Coats, Snow Boots & Snow Pants as we are super full at the moment.

It's fun to have choices, so we thought we would give you some! Every time you come in you can choose between a TRADE or CONSIGNMENT or do both, it's up to you and what works best for you that day.


  • Receive 40% Store Credit of the assessed value of items
  • Store credit is instant, shop away or save
  • Store credit does not expire
  • Earn 10% off your purchase every time you spend your credit (not applicable to online purchases or $1 sale items in store) 


  • Consignment only available for clothing sizes 3T-16yrs
  • Receive 40% of the final selling price
  • Credit is active in your account 7 days after sale
  • Earn $25 or higher and cash out 
  • Shop in store with your earning and get 10% off entire purchase (not applicable to $1 sale items)
  • Payment for credit earned is good for 1 year. Any unclaimed monies after 1 year will be converted to store credit. Store credit does not expire


  • At this time we are taking a short break from burying the following & only offering store credit for sizes NB-2T, toys, books, & shoes.
  • Store Credit is for 40% of the selling price.

When you choose to consign, we'll have you read and sign our Consignor Agreement, you'll also receive an email with a link to our Consignor Access.  Here you'll be able to view your items, see when they expire and view your credit earned at anytime.

Consignment Time Frame:

Items are consigned for 60 days (90 days if listed on website) before expiring, in which there is a 7 day grace period for picking up unsold items. Any unsold items not picked up will be donated out to local charities.

*All pricing is determined by Cloverdilly Kids and reserves the right to discount items based on seasonal demand or low customer demand.  This is to help move items off the sales floor and into new homes.

*Here at Cloverdilly Kids, we know that it can be hard letting go of those outgrown clothes and the memories you hold of your kids with them.  We will take the best care that we possibly can to protect your items.  However we assume no responsibility for any loss due to fire, earthquake, meteoroids, 50 foot tall monsters, pirates, theft or damage.